Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon, WA

We spent Saturday's better part of the sun in tulip fields in Mount Vernon, WA (about half an hour south of us). We went with our good buddies, the Tuppers! Shaun broke tradition and wore a different shirt than normal. (Normally, it's his Green Lantern t-shirt. Saturday, it was his new yellow "Bazinga" t-shirt-- which references the TV show The Big Bang Theory.)

 I am 20 weeks pregnant....and here I am in a Tulip field.


 My stomach poking out...remember, I'm pregnant.
 There was a random school bus in the tulip field. Emma Tupper and Enoch took turns "driving" it.

It was pretty day...and I even got a sunburn on my neck line/ chest. Now, it looks like I am wearing a pink bib.

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