Thursday, June 7, 2012

Almost 27 weeks pregnant-- and almost in 3rd Trimester

On Saturday, I will be 27 weeks pregnant...on baby #2...Max! 27 weeks = 3rd Trimester....3 more months basically.

I haven't been flashing photos of myself, but I should for record keeping. I went back on my blog to when I was 27 weeks pregnant with Enoch, and my stomach looks about the same, that's good I guess.

Ta Dah! Pretty thrilling, huh! can't tell but Enoch is screaming in the background upset that he has to go to bed and we've taken away "George" because he won't stay in bed. (PS Please ignore the whole in my shirt. I'm too tired to Photoshop it out. I was wearing a white tank top underneath...if that helps.)

Baby Max is doing super. He's been really active today...moving and rolling around. Enoch likes to put his hand or head on my stomach, hold still for a moment, then pretend to fall backwards onto the floor and he says, "Max pushed/or kicked me! Woah!" (Daddy did it once, and he hasn't forgotten.)

In other news, here's Enoch with his shirt off looking at deer out our window.
The deer was getting up or in the middle of leaping...(not pooping). It was all very majestic and magical! Only top notch entertainment in the field behind our condo.

Also.... Shaun graduated...and is looking for a job still in the Environmental Science field. He's super smart and we're very thrilled to show him around to new potential employers. (It's just been painfully slow.) But, we're very optimistic that it will all work out before Max is born. Feel free to send him any leads.

That's all for now!

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Youngbergs said...

Lookin' good! Now you're into the final stretch. Glad to hear Max is doing so well. Congrats to Shaun on graduating!