Saturday, August 31, 2013

In a Year a Boy Can Become a Brother

A year ago, Enoch was an only child, newly settling into Pullman. A year later, he's a big brother with new joys and worries in keeping his little brother laughing and out of his stuff. He speaks well, knows his seasons, has started eating new foods, still LOVES cars, loves to laugh, and is really smart. I love Enoch sooooo much.
Today, after sitting on the porch alone for 5 minutes enjoying the solitude and peace, I walked back into the house and it was a bit surreal. I felt like I was watching myself walk into the living room and sitting down with Enoch. I fit in, I was loved, I was missed, and I realized that I would want that moment back in a few years as I remembered the simple Saturday mornings with Enoch playing educational games on the tablet, Shaun making bagels, and Max taking a nap.  I really am happy to have what I've been given by the Lord. I love my family dearly, including my handsome little boys.

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