Friday, February 8, 2013

More Things You May Not Know About Lindsay

In follow up to a previous post, have some more things to tell you about me.

11. I used to want to be an artist-- and I told my maternal Grandma. At the time I was drawing cartoons. She told me that artists don't draw cartoons. If I wanted to be an artist, I would need to draw a bowl of fruit really well. So, I started to draw a bowl of fruit...and when I was done, she told me it wasn't good enough yet...I needed to shade more. I remember thinking, "Drawing fruit is so boring!" Today, the majority of my art is cartoon-ish--but it's really fun and kids like it.

12. The first and last time I had Egg's Benedict  was when my Grandma took me out for breakfast in McCall, ID. She told me they were really good. I tried them and immediately spit them out and said, "Why would you suggest THAT?" (I was 7.) My journal entry for that day has a huge "YUCK!!!!" written over two pages with an illustration of my disgusted face. In case you wondered, I think we switched meals. The thought of eating it grossed me out to this day. 

13. (Another food thing) I don't like goat cheese. I wish I liked it. I feel like it's a grown up foodie food I should like. So, I try it when its a free opportunity. THE STORY: I had goat cheese on my pasta at a restaurant when I was 17, after getting my eyebrows waxed for prom (my dad's girlfriend at the time suggested I be a little pampered and paid for it at Gene Juarez in Redmond, WA). I had asked for a meal suggestion and since I liked Feta--it seemed like a fun choice. So, imagine me with Bright Red Skin sensitive surrounding my eyebrows (that had been bleeding 30 minutes before in the waxing process), at a nice Italian restaurant, picking at a bowl of pasta to try and avoid the goat cheese (which is impossible)--after gagging it down--following the initial shock. 

14. I keep a "Book of Mormon" that I used on my mission next to the side of my bed...ever since I finished my mission (Temple Square Visitor Center) in March of 2006 because I didn't want to forget how it felt to be a missionary. The scripture markings and pieces of paper about visitor center assignments haven't been altered since I came home. Whenever I open it, I feel connected to a time in my life when I grew much closer to my Heavenly Father and started understanding what the Atonement of Jesus Christ more clearly.

15. I feel really weird wearing or decorating with the colors Purple and Pink. I have occasionally purchased a item of clothing in one of those colors, but I end of being afraid to wear it outside in public because it feels so unnatural. I HAVE made it work a few rare times...but if you'd look in clothes today, you'd find one purple-ish shirt that doesn't get worn much. Any other shirts have already been sent off to Goodwill. For this reason-- I don't think I could ever sell Mary Kay. 

16. Shaun and I stayed at the Hampton Hotel for 2 weeks (shortly after being married), because of a broken water sprinkler pipe in our apartment which covered the place in water. We stocked up on hotel products (since our room was cleaned daily) and up until 6 months ago...I still had that stock. (Soap started leaking out of those little bottles.) It was a super expensive 2 weeks. Rental Insurance paid for it's self.

17. My dad took me skydiving for my 21st birthday. It was really beautiful day in July 2004. I had an expert strapped to my back so I could jump from higher up. I was the last one to, I got to see the person before me have their parachute fail...and see the backup deploy. We rolled backwards out of the plane. As we fell I thought, all this wind in my face is getting uncomfortable. I wish they'd open the parachute already. Eventually, it did and it was more fun. I'd do it again, but I'd make sure my affairs were in order first, since I have children now. 

18. At the time I met Shaun, I had recently gotten off my mission and was living in my dad's condo until I returned to school in the fall. My sister and one of my brothers also lived with him. He didn't give me a key to the condo since he didn't see me as a permanent tenant AND there was always someone home..and nobody, apparently, locked the door. 

After my first official date with Shaun (I was 22) he dropped me off around 12:30 am after a movie. He hadn't walked me to the door since there weren't any parking spaces and it was late. He drove off as I was walking up the stairs to the door. To my surprise, the door was locked (it never was--really). Since I didn't have a key, I started knocking, then ringing the doorbell, then pounding on the door. I called everyone's cell phones in the house and nobody answered. After I had realized I would be sleeping on the front step, I sat on the ground with my back to the door--with one hand slowly knocking on the door. 

Just then, Shaun's car reappeared at the bottom of the stairs. He saw me and said, "I realized I didn't make sure you got inside. Are you locked out?" "Yes! I am." He then took me to his house that he shared with roommates. He gave me his room and he slept in the living room on the couch. He drove me home at 5 am before he had work. My dad had already left for the day and the door was unlocked at the condo. Shaun's thoughtfulness saved me from sleeping outside a condo for a night in Kirkland, WA. My hero!

19. I'm a great packer. I've moved many times and can pack like a pro in record time if required. My goal is to always be ready if friends are coming to help us load. I want it to go quickly and painlessly. I've moved 15 times...not counting the moves on my mission...which would add 9 more.

20. I like to dance (mostly fast & fun). I am not trained...but I like it. Shaun doesn't like, I'm trying to teach our kids to love it also.

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jeremy and steph said...

Love all this! Especially the part where he came back to make sure you got in. Such a cute story ;)