Thursday, July 2, 2015

How I Got the Courage to Wear Red Lipstick

 Up until last Sunday, I'd never worn red lipstick in my life. I've had plenty of time...but I've put it off. Last month, I went into Nordstrom and asked a lady at the Mac counter to help me find a red lipstick I might actually look good in. After about 15 minutes and 5 or 6 colors, I felt defeated and ran away, having my lips wiped clean with a makeup wipe (a cleverly re-named baby wipe). I did take one thing from this experience, lip liner makes a big difference.

So, a few weeks later, I was walking through Target--as women love to do--and found myself staring at the red lipstick display by Revlon. I spent maybe 20 minutes staring at these little tubes of bright red color wondering if I cold pull them off. The $5 price was what made me grab three sticks of potential success and one lip liner, throwing them into my basket intentionally. I walked away, refusing to re-think about what I was purchasing. I figured that I didn't have as much money to loose as I might at the Mac counter and I was ready to take a chance. 

After getting home, it turned out 2 of my three colors looked basically identical. 

Red lipstick does not look good on me without any other makeup...or end of the day makeup that is melting off my face. So, finally the day arrived. I was getting dressed up for church and decided to try wearing my red-er lipstick of the colors-- Revlon's "Love That Red" & "Gladious". (These are the two that looked the same) I left one at home with my makeup and put the other in my purse. I headed to church...and in the car...I couldn't stand it. I wiped the red lipstick off with a baby wipe and abandoned my dream of trying something bold for the day. I quickly applied my regular chapstick and pretended nothing had happened.

THEN....the next Sunday came (June 28, 2015) and I applied my makeup as normal. It came to paint the lipstick on my lips. I did. Then I just stared at myself in the mirror. I took pictures and psyched myself up! I smiled and decided to commit to keeping it on.While riding in the passenger seat on the way to church, I resisted the temptation to wipe my lips. Well, I got through 3 hours of a lovely church day and even reapplied!

Luckily, my husband and kids liked the red lips...and I even got compliments from other people. Pushing past the fear of bold makeup, I had a little victory for myself. It's really silly what I still get fearful about. So, if you are feeling fearful red yourself through it, and remember, it comes off...and other people don't worry about it as much as you worry.

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