Monday, July 20, 2015

I have my Dream Life

Here's my social media birthday message:

I'm really happy today as I reflect on my life... And what I've made it through and have been blessed with. I'm 32 and living the dream life I always wanted! (And I'm not talking about money and cars.. And trips...because that's not what my mean.)

I'm pleasantly overwhelmed with how much joy I have daily with a mentally stronger family than I had growing up. I feel loved, safe, and respected. I am happy to have a strong marriage with open communication.... and great kids who are healthy and able to tell me when I'm mean...or pretty much their favorite.

Today, I am grateful for a living Heavenly Father and the Savoir, Jesus Christ, who love me openly when I forget I'm not alone. I'm grateful that I (and anyone) can get answers to questions and direction as I ponder the word of God, pray, and act in faith upon promptings from the Holy Ghost.

Have a great July 20th! I'd have you all over for dinner if I could, really!!!! 

My aged advice: 1) embrace your opportunities each day to draw closer to God;
2) don't waste time eating fake cheese; &
3) leave people better than you found them.

For my birthday, I made Jamie Oliver's Chicken Tikka Masala & Naan Bread. These are AMAZING recipes. I highly recommend them!

FYI Today: I hung out at the house with my kids while my husband was a work...cooked...ate birthday cake...and in the evening, we took our 2 boys to the park. It was a great day! I am satisfied!