Saturday, November 8, 2008

Normal Life

To update ya'll, Shaun is a big fan of Vegemite and Spiced Apple Cider with Ginger. He ordered the Vegemite over the Internet and has been putting it on his morning toast all week. I mentioned in a post in August or September that Shaun had found this apple cider at Whole Foods in Bellevue, but we recently found they started carrying it at Fred Meyer. This is wonderful for both of us, because Whole Foods is a busy store on Saturdays.
We made Chicken Parmesan from a healthy foods recipe and it was alright. It looked pretty, but I think I like Tyler Florence's Ultimate Chicken Parmesan better because you make a homemade sauce and use egg to get the breading to stick.

Then on Wednesday, I started my new calling--Activities Day Leader. The girls made Veteran's Day cards and I taught them how to play bug-a-low. I don't know why they all think they're thugs in this picture. They didn't do this at any other point in the evening. But, I think we'll all have a lot of fun. We meet every other Wednesday night and do various activities. The girls are between the ages of 8 and 11. They're really sweet!

Then on Thursday night, after regular office hours, we had a photo shoot for the Buri Funston Mumford, PLLC Christmas card. It's kind of a big deal. As you can tell from the below pictures, we all found time to pass the time between pictures. You'll have to wait to see the final product to see how it turned out.

I think this look really "works" for Philip's authoritative style. It help me to know, he can be serious no matter what the situation--if it's called for. (Really, Philip is a hoot!)

Karen on the other hand is a Blast and not afraid to show off her special tongue-rolling skill. Not everyone can do that!

And Tom, should probably go on the road with his banjo and help relax the world. He's a positive spirit---and his teeth sparkle (please refer to picture).

It's a good time of year--but I forgot how much it rains here. Luckily, today we've had some sun!

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kaitlyn said...

i love whole foods... i actually haven't been there in years, i wish they would build one here.

i miss the girls already! take care of them! and please don't turn them into thugs, i would be VERY disappointed in you...