Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Weekend

It was a long fun Thanksgiving Holiday for Shaun and I. We drove Thursday to Shaun's family's house near Seattle to eat Thanksgiving "dinner"---at around 3pm. We had the Weldon traditional olives and dill pickles. We also took family photos ...and Shaun played with Richie (one of our two nephews)!

That night we headed South to my Dad and Yuko's house for the night. We woke up and I felt NO morning sickness at ALL!!! I ate a real breakfast and we all got in the car and went to the Tacoma Glass Museum. It was a small place, but it had some beautiful glass and a very cool HOT SHOP. In the hot shop, glass is made by residence artist. Please see the video. It is 10 minutes long--but interesting. Note the chill music in the background helps the artists to stay calm and relaxed. (I wish I could have gotten the CD!--but it wasn't on sale in the gift shop.)
We got back on Saturday and we bought a Christmas tree and decorated it! We're excited for the season and feel very grateful for all that we have been given and are yet to be blessed with (including our baby).


Alicia said...

The museum looks really neat. Thanks for sharing!

Mark and Sarah said...

I just saw your BIG news!! Congrats! You are going to be the best mom!

The Bergant Family said...

Happy late Thanksgiving! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby names you've picked!