Saturday, November 22, 2008


We got our first baby gift from Emily Pool this week! Thank you Emily for the soft white blanket. I made Shaun hold it like there was a baby inside to see how it would work. I couldn't hold in my delighted squeals as I observed how adorable Shaun looked as a father figure!
He has been so such a good sport and also very helpful this week. I just started feeling morning sickness on a regular basis and I'm not loving it. But, Shaun has put up with my disgusts for certain foods and smells. I love him SOOOO much!


kaitlyn said...

shaun will be such a great dad! he is really cute with blaine!!!

blankets are so important, blaine's fav blanket when she was little was just like that white one.

(side note: most morning sickness starts around 6-9 weeks for most people so i would guess you are closer to that time. it is supposed to subside by 12-16 weeks)

good luck with the sickness, that isn't fun... let me know if you need anything!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the secret is out!!!!! You know Shaun has plenty of pratice so he will be great!

The Tuppers

Alicia said...

We are so excited for you! See you on Friday...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see the blanket working it's magic. I was hoping it would stir some additional excitment:) MLE