Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TEAM: Tim Tam Slam

Ladies and they are...TEAM TIM TAM SLAM!!!!!! (Crowd cheers widely.)

Shaun introduced the Booths to a Shaun & Lindsay Weldon tradition (that we picked up on our missions): Eating/drinking hot chocolate through an Australian cookie last night. All you need is...

warm hot chocolate...

and TIM TAM cookies. (They can be bought at The World Market--in the Seattle area--or on the Internet.)

Please see the following footage for instructions and the team's great slam!

AND--Merry Christmas!


Tim, Rachel & Lacey said...

So, I'm in the primary presidency down here and we did a Christmas around the world activity. My country was Australia... yes, we were Tim Tam Slam fools!!! Gotta love the things you learn on the mish ;)

Jason and Shalise Staples said...

Hey they are now selling Tim Tams at Target. Packaged by Pepperidge Farm.

Alicia said...

Those look awesome! I will have to get some of those and try them.

The Jensen Family said...

Hey you crazy guys,

Not a fun comment (sorry) but I got a call from Jan at WDFWL threatening me with bodily harm if I didn't get her a chief financial report for 2008. Do i have to do one as well, or is it just you now?

How goes the Joe's work? Still teaching? Wish you were someplace else? Any new gun stories? I'm hoping everything is working out great, and you guys are happy, healthy, and ready for your next big adventure!! Let me know if I need to do anything for Jan, but definately let us know how you guys are doing.

-Brian Jensen