Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Isn't Shaun Adorable

This weekend, Sofie was hanging around with us downstairs and she volunteered to help Shaun fold laundry. While I was cleaning us the office, I peeked out to see Shaun instructing Sofie on the proper technique for towel folding. It was sweet to watch!


Alicia said...

My favorite is Sofie's sound effects for when the towel was being folded and then her reaction when it was completely folded. This is a great post! Brandon and I were very happy to get to know Shaun more on Friday and we are so happy to be in your ward and get to be acquainted with you guys.

Youngbergs said...

That was so cute! And please thank Shaun for teaching me as well!

Emma, Wendy and James said...

That is so funny = where did he learn to fold a towle like that. I must have him demostrate next time we see you guys!

The Jensen Family said...

Lindsay and Shaun-
Hello from the Jensen's. We were thinking of sending you a lovely Christmas card, but realized that you have moved and we don't have your new address, so if you want to receive some mail from us, will you please email us you address.