Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lynden Fair

We walked in the gates of the fair in Lynden and the first thing we saw was a booth for PRAISE 106.5 FM-- radio station. Aaahhh, Lynden! (For those of you who don't know--the movie Footloose's conservative town is Lynden's thing. You have to drive through a cemetery to get here....and if you don't mow your lawn--and it gets to high, you get a ticket, and there's a lot of Dutch food.)

After we took a right, we headed straight for the animals before Enoch got to tired. (We went last Thursday night after work.) We wandered into the milk cow barn and were quickly met by a friendly farmer who asked us if we wanted to pet a cow. Sure thing! I was so thrilled for Enoch to get the opportunity at such a young age--but he was more interested in the hay. He touched the cow....but really liked putting hay on the cow. Her name was chocolate....I suppose because her owners have a sense of humor. :) Love it!Enoch is below my head on the right...his hand is the one holding straw.

Then we wandered over to the reptile tent and some friends spotted us....almost every Holman in the county! It was awesome...and I was pleased to know most of them thanks to college---and spying on blogs. Enoch was able to see snakes and a parrot...(I don't know why it was there)...and spiders. He started to get anxious as to why we weren't letting him run, we got out of there before he got to jealous of the other kids.We saw some other animals--like lambs, llamas, pigs, boy cows --aka meat cows, and then saw some empty cat cages. (Lamest part---but I guess they were out getting judged or something.) We looked at the booths with urgency--scoped out the food situation and decided on Fish and chips---and a burger. Shaun waited in line while Enoch ate his healthy food from home. See how happy he is with his banana and cheese?
If you look closely, you can see Shaun to the left of the Pepsi-branded garbage can. (Sidenote: Why garbage cans Pepsi? Its like a giant sticky soda can. Or maybe this is just me....after all, I don't even drink soda.) All in all, it was more fun because we saw people we knew...and the nice farmer who let us pet a cow! Next month we're going to the Puallup Fair. This was all in training us for the BIG one with Enoch.

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Suzanne said...

it was fun to see you guys there... i'm glad you had such a good time!