Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

We took Enoch to Boulevard Park. Here's some of my favorite pictures.

Enoch hasn't gotten a really great view of the ocean for a while. We went down to the boat tie-up area at the Fairhaven (tourist-y south end of Bellingham) side of the boardwalk...and let Enoch feel the movement of the ocean from his stroller.
Then we walked down to the park to play on the grass. There were a lot of people out today. Enoch took advantage to explore with Shaun. (Below is Shaun helping Enoch to get his shoe back on.)
He gave up on dad and took off with only one shoe.

Shaun played the retriever and brought back our little boy.
Ans gave him a free ride on his shoulders! Fantastic!
Enoch gave Shaun's head a hug as a thank you. I really enjoy watching the two of them play and grow together! I love being a mom!

PS Shaun was stopped by two men who complimented him on his shirt and asked where he got it. (Girls--it's a "Green Lantern" comic t-shirt. Google it if you're still confused.) Shaun has many comic shirts--and he is often stopped. I told Shaun he should open a store called "Things you didn't know you wanted until you saw it" or "Things you can buy now that you've found that special someone--who will love you anyway--store." He can sell all the shirts that he has to go on the Internet to find to his following of comic loving men. I'm not sure what else he can sell--any ideas?

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seamsavvy said...

He's walking!! It seems just like yesterday that you brought him home! love Teri