Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Photos with Courtney Price!!

This last weekend we headed down to Fairhaven (touristy part of Bellingham) to meet up with our new favorite photographer--Courtney Price. She took some time to capture our family on film and do it with her own artistic eye. We've been checking everyday for sneak peeks of her work, and tonight, they were finally posted!! I got the chance to chat with Courtney a little as we walked from place to place and really liked her as a person, not just a talented photographer. I'd totally hang out with her! We give her an A+++ and highly recommend her.


Alicia said...

That is sweet, I'd love to see them. Courtney is very talented. You guys look great! And I really like to hang out in Fairhaven and miss it.

Youngbergs said...

Great pictures! Courtney does great work. You guys are such a cute family.