Friday, January 14, 2011

Hopeful for the future...

This may sound dramatic--but I made two pillowcases tonight. I've never made one before and I think I'm going to finally have matching pillowcases! So, I was changing the sheets on Enoch's bed this evening and I noticed that his pillowcase was dirty...and it was one we'd been having him use from our queen sheet, I was stealing another one from another set---and anyway, it was messing up the pillowcase washing schedule. None of the pillowcases were ever clean all at the same time....and I wanted them to be. 

I'm rambling. Back to the point, I decided to see if I could throw together a pillowcase before bedtime...and I did!!! I cut around the existing pillowcase as a pattern...and stared at the edging for a few minutes until I came up with a plan to replicate it. Well, it worked. Also, I figured out that it MUST be easy to make since I could create a useful item in a half an hour! Enoch's pillow (not pictured) is light blue with green, gray, white, and darker blue little dots all over it. It creates a cool mixed matched look with all three of his different crib sheets. (I'm not too matchy-matchy with decorating.) 

After he went to bed, I decided to use my FAVORITE fabric--a simple white with thin light blue strips-- and made myself an even BETTER pillowcase. (I learned how to do it even faster and prettier if you can believe it.) I might just be a domestic woman in the making!

Night, Night!


Maren O_o said...

Yaaay! That is so satisfying. Have you made anything else?


Alicia said...

Good job! That would be hard for me. I really don't like trying to sew. I say trying because I don't know how, but I've tried a couple of times and I just don't have it in me. I am impressed you made some pillowcases.