Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Cupcake Shaun Loves His Cayenne Cupcakes....

Shaun made a request Monday night for cupcakes. Tonight, I finally made chocolate cupcakes --with four different flavored chocolate frostings. 

1) Orange
2) Maple
3) Cayenne Pepper
4) Peppermint
It's a really great cake and frosting recipe and making up the frosting flavors is my favorite part. Cayenne is a staple in our house. So fun! It's hot, but it goes away quickly. It doesn't last long. It's not like eating spicy food that forces you to drink water. You get the burn with the sweetness, but then it's gone when you swallow. Try it and/or make up your own! It turns something normal into something unique and different! (It's also an excuse to eat more than one.)

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