Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reasons why I might be a Secret Princess

You know the movies where a girl/woman finds out that she's a princess. Well, it hasn't happened yet, but I have my suspicions. Here they are:

   1. I only need to touch a monkey-bar and I get a blister (very delicate hands)
   2. I am difficult for others to shop for (or so I'm told every year)
   3. I am told I'm a little food snob--and enjoy good food. (no thank you Pork Rinds)
   4. I say please and thank a pro. 
   5. I seem to always get the chore of washing the bathroom (Cinderella-like, right?)
   6. I know I have European royalty in my genealogy very far back....
Well, I guess after writing it down, it doesn't look like a very good list. I don't think I'm a real princess. I'd rather be myself anyway.


Rach said...

Hey! thanks for the tips! I honestly had no idea how beautiful this part of the country is. I really hope things keep working out, cause I would love to live here honestly. And I would have never ever thought that. I mean...Arkansas is a state I used to make fun of, ya know?:)

if we make it out to that museum, Ill totally check for the BOM.

Alicia said...

Cute post.