Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cruising in Style Around Bellingham Bay

Friday, July 22nd, we went on an evening 3 hour sail on the Lady Washington. It was great. It was calming and beautiful and fun to be on a replica of an old ship. This ship was used in the Pirates of the Caribbean as the Interceptor. Shaun and I even touched the "boom" that Orlando Bloom hung onto. We heard little bits about shooting the movie, but mostly we enjoyed being out on the water and watching the crew shuffle around deck to get all the sails out. We had ALL but the "royals" out. It was a PERFECT night for sailing. It was a medium wind and sunny--but not hot. 

The funnest part for me was when they shot the cannon (with blanks). The first one was towards an approaching whale cruise boat that was taking pictures of us....and then they circled around us closer and stopped their engines so we could shoot at them again. See the video for that....
Saturday, our friends the Tuppers were up from Lynnwood. We took them to the daily tour of the boat and took some pictures with Enoch. He liked go up and down the stairs on the ship. We actually toured 2 boats-- the Lady Washington AND the Hawaiian Chieftain, which is another replica ship that's not as tall...nor as precise in its replicating. Both were very cool to see. 

The boats are in town until the 1st of August. I would suggest people make time to go on a sailing if they can!

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