Sunday, July 3, 2011

Party Down for Enoch- The Newest Toddler in Town

Enoch turned 2 on June 29th. Saturday, July 1st, my family was able to make it for a small party for Enoch. Friday night, I made Enoch a birthday cake and had decorated it with Disney's Cars movie characters. I simply found the images on the internet, re-sized them in "Paint" and printed them off. I then cut them out and taped a toothpick into the bottom of each of them. They ended up looking a lot like the Cars movie poster.

I was delighted to see how excited he was when he saw it. He was quite and his mouth dropped open and his eyes got big. I've never seen him react like that. It gave me so much joy to see him enjoy the cake. He then wanted to touch it and name all the characters.

Our happy 2 year old!
Here's Enoch being sung to---the third time. He really liked being sung to by everyone, blowing out the candles, and then he'd say, "More." Adorable!
For me, as a mom, I am really enjoying the fun that we can have with Enoch, and his happiness gives me more reason to try every time to make sure everything is done with thought and love. Since Shaun is in school and not working, we couldn't afford presents this year, so, we made a cake, made decorations, and our family supplied the presents. Its really been a blessing and a wonderful opportunity to see Enoch making connections with the traditions of birthdays and figuring out that people are treating him with a new type of attention and seeing him warm up to others quickly.

Yuko, my step-mom (my father married her about a month after I was married to Shaun), revealed a new side of herself this weekend on her visit. She's an ARTIST!!! Look at this drawing she did of Enoch! It's beautiful, fun, and captures Enoch's image so well. All Enoch's gifts were very kind and thoughtful! Thank you everyone.
PS It should be noted that Shaun's family couldn't make it up to Bellingham this weekend because Shaun's grandpa Weldon passed away after a long fight with cancer. Our love is with Shaun's family as they process and adjust to this change and loss in their lives.

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seamsavvy said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa Shaun. . . great cake Lindsay!