Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing with the Cousins

We went to Wenatchee, WA, for Shaun's Grandpa Weldon's funeral this past week. It was a lovely funeral with many well wishers. 

One exciting part about a funeral is the mini-family reunions it generates in a day or two. Enoch had the chance to really develop a love for his cousins as he played with them this week. He especially enjoyed a new game called "Mr./Ms. Wolf." He liked playing the wolf. See Enoch's attempt to be frightening! So cute.
Also, here's a few pictures of Enoch playing cars at his Grandma Johnson's house. 

He liked attempting to escape the house, and play outside. He found out where grandma's stool was....and that was also part of one attempted escape (and was used to unlock the deadbolt).

It was like 100 degrees F in Wenatchee. We melted. When we got back to Bellingham, we were so happy to have cool weather. A friend wrote on her blog that the Northwest is like the AC of America. I totally agree!

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Scott and Tracy Blount said...

I totally agree with you about the heat, it was so hot but I enjoyed seeing your family. It was nice to come back to the cooler side of the state