Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Max--31 weeks and 3 days: The Ultrasound

To unfold the mysteries of pregnancy--and why I haven't gained any weight this time around, I was "ultrasounded" on Friday! (It's an extra time.) Turns Max is doing excellent, and the mystery of maintaining my weight remains a curious blessing.

Here's his profile.
He does have a HUGE head compared to rest of his body, but that’s a family thing. His head was in 70% group…and his other body parts were in the 30-40% range. Overall he got a 48% rating in size. He’s right on with the other ultrasounds at 10 and 20 weeks for growth. He weighs 3 lbs 13 oz. He’s in there HEAD down, the placenta is in the back so I can feel him kicking a lot, and no umbilical cord around his neck. (So, that calms that paranoid concern.)

Max was awake and kicking. I got to see his eye lids & mouth open and close…and his cute nose. It was REALLY special. I enjoyed it completely!

Today, I went about transferring my care to a Pullman OBGYN. Time is winding down for Enoch and I in Bellingham! I am looking forward to the unknown...since it seems like it should be pretty awesome! (Most mysteries are.)

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