Monday, August 20, 2012

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...

[In British Accent] Good is me...Robin Leach from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, which is --of course--your favorite show to have a sneak peek into the extravagant lifestyles of wealthy entertainersathletes, and business moguls. 

Today, we're looking at the fabulous lives of Shaun and Lindsay Weldon! 
Shaun and Lindsay hit it big recently when Shaun landed a job at Decagon Devices in Pullman, Washington.
Lindsay was able to give up her full time hours for precious time with the couples' 3 year old son, Enoch...and anticipated new arrival, Max. The couple moved to town in style, driving a highly trendy U-Haul with a bit of southern charm--as the side of the truck was stamped with a Louisiana Emblem. It must have been admired by the many vehicles that passed them during their 7 hour journey through Washington State ending in the the highly acclaimed Palouse Country.
When you arrive at the Weldon Estate, Black Rock- as they call it, you go down a long driveway into their own private apartment complex, which they share with 28 other lucky people. It was only recently completed in July 2012 and ready upon their arrival (minus a few leaky sinks that were quickly repaired by local craftsmen).
Let's go inside! Take a look at the grand foyer and extensive family shoe collection on display. Above the collection is a message board for important communication within the residence.
The West Wing houses the guest bath and laundry closet-- a highly efficient use of space for a majestic home.

The East Wing contains the exclusive master suite with a raised queen sized bed (surely a way to keep them humble). Note the modern clutter-chic clothing organizer. The room also has it's own bathroom (not pictured-out of privacy restrictions).
Onto the mystical kitchen, which the Weldons rarely use since they have their own full time kitchen staff (which oddly looks much LIKE the Weldons). The U-shaped design is timeless. Note the laminate that looks like REAL tile! Za-za-zoom! 
Attached to the hallway is a humongous pantry, which they have creatively designed and purchased customized shelving for. It's roughly the size of the White Houses' pantry.
The elegant understated dinning room, which serves a dual purpose as a home office, is tucked into a romantic corner of the house without any natural lighting-- to really emphasize the candle light when needed.
I have the honor to show you the formal living room. It's large enough to house the family trains and art collection.

When you think lucky children, you'll soon be thinking of Enoch and Max Weldon! These little boys have a wing to themselves...complete with a big boy bed for Enoch and a crib for Max, which can also be used as a chew toy for those crazy nights. These boys have every "car" toy you can think of and plenty of blocks to build their own empire.

I've saved the best for last...the high tech modern Weldon home has a centralized computer to control their comfort no matter where they go in the home. It's always a cool 68 degrees F! It makes me want to stay forever and never leave!
Well, sadly...we've run out of time for today with the Weldons touring their beautiful estate. I hope you've enjoyed looking into yet another extravagant lifestyle! Join me next time when I go on a garden tour with the Weldons. 'Till then, I'm Robin Leach wishing you sparkling cider wishes and caviar dreams!

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Emily Fox King said...

What a wonderful post and beautiful home! I loved the detailed tour. My favorite part was seeing your cool picture arrangement above the couch. So cool! Nice work Mrs. Weldon