Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Favorite Things (Part 1)

After my faith, family, friends, and air conditioning during the summer...there are some things in my life that I really like and love. I will term them "My Favorite Things" for the purposes of this post, I will share some of the temporal and tangible things that make me more comfortable and delighted. I would love to hear what your favorite things are too!

1. Pretty Family Photos by skilled photographers, such as Courtney Price.  She did ours a year and a half ago in Bellingham, WA, and now I need to find the nearby artist (in Pullman) to capture our growing family's personality.

2.  Homemade Bread or Bagels (or Nice Local Bakery Bread)
Today, I found out I could buy this whole wheat in house made bread from Pullman's Old European Restaurant for $4.30. 
The first, and only time, I ate here was after Shaun's interview with Decagon when the interviewers took us all out for lunch. I had the tomato bisque soup (excellent) and a turkey sandwich on this fresh bread. For those of you who don't have access to this, here's a few easy ones to try. (May I never have to be Gluten Free!)

3. Godiva Truffles
Somehow we were wandering around the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA, a few years ago and Shaun & I  wandered into the Godiva Store and ended up signing up for the Godiva Club (to get free truffle every month when we walked into the store) and buying many chocolates. 

A cool, creamy key lime center blended with extra butter in a dark chocolate shell.
Key Lime
Roasted almond butter with tidbits of almond, surrounded by milk chocolate
Roasted Almond
Creamy coconut filling accented with coconut flakes, in a milk chocolate shell       

Despite not living near a Godiva Store....ever...we somehow manage to find them when needed. The above truffle flavors make us weak in the knees. These are so delicious! We usually buy an assortment, but make sure to get more than one of each of these flavors in our box.

4. Method Hand Soap-- Sweet Water (only this scent)
I really can't maintain a commitment to a scent when buying soap. I think I'm really sensitive to smells and hate any strong scent that sticks to my hands for more than a few minutes. At my old work, I would change what bathroom I was using to avoid other scents of Method hand soap. (Like I can't stand how strong the Method Lavender or Sea Mineral scents are on my hands.) I could actually do a  whole post on smells I don't like...but what's the point of being so whinny?
For Now...this is all can think of.


Courtney Price said...

Oh wow! That's so nice! I loved those photos, by the way... not every session is so fun!

Lindsay said...

You're the BEST, Courtney! Well...I can't imagine it NOT being fun, but glad it was for us!