Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 Things About Lindsay

1. I have NEVER mowed a lawn in my life. I grew up with two brothers who always got that weekend chore. (I think my sister, Laurel, is in the same boat as me.) Both of us learned to just stay quite and keep volunteering to vacuum. (We got the inside chores.)

2. I don't really like sweet gooey pastries-- like danishes and glazed scones. I like breads--but without the extra sugar. I get a headache if I eat a pastry for breakfast. (If I'm in the mood for a donut- or a cinnamon roll-- I'll request something warm and specialized.)

Finch Elementary School in Spokane, WA
3. In 4th grade I moved across town during the school year. My old class had been writing to a "pen pal" class in the city. I moved into the very 4th grade class we'd be writing to. At the end of the year we had a party and I knew everyone. I felt soooo cool.

Audubon Elementary School, Spokane, WA

4. My first kiss was in a play in college--age 18. So, it wasn't a REAL relationship kiss (that came when I was 20), but it was a great way to practice. But, I was really nervous for rehearsal. My director found out and ended up telling the boy. Anyway, I thought it felt like sticky rice. Not that great... but honestly, very educational. 

5. My parents got divorced the last few months of my senior year of high school. I was busy --in the middle of "hell week" (drama term for the long and late rehearsals before opening the show) of my senior year musical, Anything Goes. I came home one evening to find my dad moving out at 10 pm. I cried and asked him to stay. He said he would for one more night. The next day I hugged him goodbye, went to school and right into opening night of our play-- knowing that he wouldn't be there when I got home. I cried off my makeup before our group warm up, had to excuse myself to reapply it and refocus--forgetting what was going on in my home life for a few hours. It all worked out--the show went on, and so did I. I am glad I did. It gave me joy to connect with the audience and my cast rather than feel sad at home. To this day, I have a very close connection with my dad.

6. Shaun and I got engaged after three weeks of dating. Then married in 3 months. Why? Because I knew I was suppose to marry him. Because I prayed about it, and because I couldn't find anything wrong with him--and I didn't want to be in a serious relationship if I was going back to college in a few months. The Lord's timing was very precise. Looking back, everything in our lives fell into place days before we met. It was our chance to fall in love and commit for eternity.

7. I like spicy food! I won't pretend I want to eat hot peppers or anything, but I like a good 4 out of 5 stars from my Thai Food orders. Luckily, so does my husband!

8. I like to draw! I really like to do cartoon-y images. I don't get to do enough of it. Unfourtunately, in elementary school, I had to pick ONE type of art--and I chose theater/drama. They won't let you take drawing/painting/ceramics too. But, I've REALLY found from a very young age- that I liked architecture and have always drawn house floorplans to relax. (I like to create new ones.) So, imagine little 11 year old Lindsay at the grocery store with her mom--looking at the shelves of magazines--an then asking her mom if she's buy her the most recent residential floorplan magazine instead of Tiger Beat or Seventeen. (the usual suspects) In fact, in high school, if I was in a play and had a small role, I'd use my rehearsal time interviewing my friends to see what they would want in there dream home. THEN, I'd draw it for them during the week. I thought it was so fun!

9. I never liked reading in school because of the deadlines. In middle school I skimmed "Matilda" by Ronald Dahl and wrote a book report on it. I got an A. A few years later, the movie came out and I was blow away because I hadn't realized she had special powers (allowing her to use her mind to cause things to move) when I'd written the report. I remember thinking, "It's a good thing my teacher let us pick our own books and she hadn't read mine." So, sad. 

10. I really like Family Feud and Boggle. For my 20th birthday, I had a Family Feud themed college party at my apartment. It was epic! Really fun!! I even gave away toy cars to the winners of the live game-show all party members got to play. In the past, I have taken the Family Feud board-game questions with me camping to keep the fun going in the boring moments. Boggle is fun because there are so many words to find...with only short spurts of focus. That's good for my brain. I don't get excited for long games of RISK or Chess. I quickly loose on purpose and go get a snack while others play the long games.

That's a little more about me!


Ashley Halsey said...

You may not realize that I follow your blog, or maybe you don't even remember me from Temple Square, but I LOVED reading this post! I want to hang out with you all the time now and be your best friend because you sound like so much fun : )

P.S.--Remember me... Sister Carter?

Tim, Rachel and our girls said...

Seriously, Sister Carter... who could "not remember" you? I will never forget you! And you are right, what a great post Hermana Murray! I didn't know your dating/engagement time was as long (or short) as mine and Tim's. Funny how the Lord arranges things, huh? ;)

Youngbergs said...

I remember that birthday party. I got a pencil that said, "I love Family Feud...even though I lost." Thanks for the confidence boost. ;)

Yuko C. Murray said...

This was a great post. I would love to know more and more about you and Shaun. <3

Corinna said...

You threw some sweet parties back in college and probably still do. I also remember the Family Feud Party and I remember seeing some of your cartoons they were great. You are the best. I am glad my wedding bouquet that you caught helped you find Shaun.