Tuesday, July 22, 2008

25 Years Old--Surprise!

For my 25th birthday, Shaun surprised me with a trip to Seattle to Jazz Alley--dinner and a jazz show. We heard Gerald Albright to some wonderful Contemporary Jazz. (Click on the video to hear a little clip of a song.) Please note that the picture of us outside the club after the show at 9pm.

We then stayed overnight at the Westin hotel in Bellevue, WA. It's a beautiful hotel. We had a big room on the 14th floor (see view to right). Sadly, we were awoken 3 times in the night due to our screaming neighbors at 11:00pm, and 1am,...and then by the hotel cleaning staff at 9:15am. So, luckily, the manager of the hotel comp-ed our room and we didn't have to pay for the night's stay. It was an unexpected relief and extra birthday gift.

Then Shaun and I got some great Indian in Bellevue for lunch. And...somehow Shaun occupied my time (the best he could) by driving me around the eastside until 4pm--when I had a surprise party with my family! It was at our friend's house (The Tuppers). It was my favorite part of the whole weekend--seeing everyone. It actually surprised me when I saw them all there.

I received some awesome gifts from many people--including some movie gift certificates from work--but most of all a memorable experience. I appreciate Shaun for planning everything with so much care and love. He's a sweet husband with a drive to enjoy life with me. (Sigh.)

Anyway, that was my weekend. Now, we're down to last minute packing since we're moving this week. Wish us luck! (We'll be okay.)

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