Wednesday, July 16, 2008


On July 26th we are moving our things out of our first apartment together. We are so excited! We are done with loud neighbors who yell curse smoke outside our window and park too close. We are leaving the aprtment life and moving into a family in our ward's (a.k.a. church) house. It's a newly built beautiful home. It even has a built in vacum and dust pan in the wall! Cool huh?! It's a two huge bedroom home with Pergo floors. It will be a more social living situation also. We are welcome to hang out with the family upstairs and vica-vesa. Local friends should stop by when we move in to check it out.

So, I've been packing up the house. I don't know why Shaun doesn't love packing as much as me? I started July 1st by packing up the books in our "study." Shaun's lucky to have me and I'm lucky to have him--becuase not only is he grateful, but he's good at carrying the boxes I pack up and putting them in a pile in the living room.

Oh, also in Weldon news, I was released as ward activities chairman. I'm now a relief society teacher. (I teach a lesson once a month on Sunday to the women over 18.) I'm grateful for my new calling. Although, I was sad to be released before the BIG ward is a lot less pressure to make things fun for everyone.

Shaun and I are trying to sell the jeep still--with no luck. The clutch is leaking somewhere and making it imposible to drive. Although on the upside of car sales, we think we FINALLY have someone to buy the 1986 Nissan 300ZX that we got from my dad. It has not run more than a month and a half since we took it off my dad's hands around December 2006.

Other than this---there's probably more, but not anything dreadfully exciting. Call if you'd like to double check!

Have a good weekend ya'll!

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