Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Passing the Time Until We Move Into Our New Place

Hi! I'm hanging out at our transitional housing unit (aka the Wiegel's apartment) alone while Shaun is at work in Mt. Vernon (30 minutes south of Bellingham). Passing time is alright as I use our computer we brought along. But yesterday, I went out and got Indian food and painted a fruit/serving bowl at a pottery painting place in Fairhaven (the old tourist-y part of Bellingham with overpriced sandwiches and salads). I did this with my friend Emily Pool. She wanted to spend time with me because I had a birthday recently that she wasn't able to be part of. Whenever I'm with Emily, I find myself talking much more than with anyone else. (Other than my husband...but it's spread out more.) It was a blast catching up on the latest news.

By the way, I've recently noticed that Weight Watcher's Popsicles look like tampons! (It's the wrapper!!) It makes me feel funny...and then I laugh! Weird though. Weight Watchers should rethink this aspect of the Popsicle or else they'll be kicked out of the market. But...if a young girl was just starting her period, it'd be kind of a funny gag gift...just put them in a real tampon box. What do you think? Does it make you want to change the subject. Well, fine.

Our pad, at least for now while we're in it, is overflowing with stuff. The living room has become the hunter's safety classroom. And the office has become a closet for our clothes which are spread out in an semi-arranged order. (At least I know the order.)

Anyway, we'll keep you updated as to when we move. I'm all ready to rip open boxes of things and put them in their correct places and new home. Aaaaahhhh....I can't wait!


adasca said...

Nice transition there Lindsay... from talking about tampons to talking about your pad ;) That made me laugh even more than the tampon popsicles!

Can't wait to see pics of the real new place :)

adasca said...

Oh, and since it let me use my LJ id instead of just putting in my name, this is Kimi ;)