Monday, April 20, 2009

Tulip Festival Time!

It's become tradition to go to the Tulip Festival with our friends the Tuppers. We went this weekend and had BEAUTIFUL weather and a lovely time tip-toeing through the tulips.

We went to Tulip Town. Here's a few pictures.

These tulips were cool (my favorite) and Shaun thought the name was funny. These were Shaun's favorite tulips.

Did we mention it was kind of sunny?

This isn't my favorite picture--kind of makes us look dorky--squinting, teethy grins, and Shaun's camera holder or should I say HOLSTER?!
It was hard to get a good family photo of the Tuppers--lots of toddler movement.

We couldn't get Emma to look at the Camera...she made it a game.
Emma--age 3--brought her boots so she COULD walk through puddles. (Or rather Mom--Wendy--thought of this. Genius?!) Emma started to run ahead to find more puddles. She's sweetheart.
And with this exotic tulip type we found that nobody else seemed to notice over by the bathrooms.Oh, and speaking of bathrooms--please note that Tulip Town made an effort to hide all the port-o-potties, but not a very LARGE effort to make it pretty. But to my amazement--I saw many foreigners posing and taking pictures in front of the large picture of tulips they put up. (Sad to me...but opportunities come in different forms to everyone--so I'll try to be more understanding.)


The Bergant Family said...

Ahhhhhh. Memories of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Thanks for sharing. By the way, it is a cute picture of your belly, though. He's getting bigger in there!

kaitlyn said...

i love your baby bump! so cute!!!

we are hoping to make it out to the tulips soon... did you like the display garden? we have never done that. let me know! thanks!

Alicia said...

Finally! You look pregnant to me. I was wondering when that was going to happen. You guys are an adorable threesome. I hope that you are feeling well and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the festival!