Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving---Well the Chickens Have Moved

The Booth chickens have moved! They left the garage and have been living in their coop for a week. They seems to love it. They seems happy to roam and find worms. They have also mastered the chicken coop gate/bridge. (They can quickly move up and down it.) This video gives you a good look at their new world!

Here's a picture of the chickens that reminds me of Sesame Street--"Today's Post was brought to you by the letter Z."

Shaun and I went outside to visit the chickens later on in the week and saw that they have started bunking together at night to stay extra warm. It's hilarious to see 11-12 chickens crammed into ONE roosting box. (Awww...and cute too..except for how the eyes came out with the photo flash!)

The chickens are a new delight for me to watch and hold. I never thought I could bond with a chicken! (And Yes...Zachary still comes to me and has even walked up my arm and sat on my shoulder.....and he's gotten his poopy talons all over my sweatshirt too. I don't mind though.)

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