Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch--Stoney Ridge Farm--Whatcom County's favorite pumpkin haunt

This is Enoch waiting by the door for us to go. He loves to get out of the house...so, Saturday, October 16, we went to Stoney Ridge Farm. (His first time...Shaun & I's third.)

It had opened about 10 minutes before we got there--and there was a line to get in. (I've never been "clubbing"--but it was like the line in movies--without bouncers--and people were nice...and it was morning...and there were lots of kids...and--ya'know, it's not probably like a club line.)
Enoch's da-da getting an ear rub.
Enoch didn't really like the cow...as you can see...the cow was interested in him and started coming closer...and he/she was too big for Enoch. He whined and grabbed my legs--asking for reassurance and protection. In all--he liked the small animals, like the goats, birds, bunny, but not the large animals like the cows and horses.

More interested in the rocks, Enoch takes a moment to enjoy himself in the pumpkin patch.
Shaun locating a wheelbarrow.
Ma-ma got to hold hands with Enoch! Lucky lady!
"Ooo, oh, da-da." (He saw the miniature goats)

Final ride to the car. He thought it was okay.

All in all, an awesome outing!

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Youngbergs said...

Wow, that is some line! Stoney Ridge is really fun, though.