Monday, October 11, 2010

Wenatchee--Been There, Done That---Weldon Get Together

We went to Wenatchee this weekend to have a dinner with Shaun's family--to enjoy his Grandpa, who is suffering from prostate cancer. Almost all of the extended family made it to the event, and Lindsay and Enoch got to meet many people for the first time. But before we saw them, we checked into our hotel, and Enoch had fun checking out the closet. Daddy even got in on the fun.

This was our room at the Coast Hotel

 Enoch enjoyed watching the train go by.
Shaun's dad and his 6 siblings, surrounding their parents for a picture.

Enoch meeting daddy's cousin Joseph.

Enoch absolutely loved Auntie Critt's sugar free Oreo cheesecakes. They were yummy.

The cousins and Enoch had a great time playing together.

Enoch had fun with the puppies. I think it was the first time that he played with puppies smaller than he was. This one is named Bueno.

Great Grandpa and Enoch share a moment.

 Lots to play with and lots to look at.

Extreme close up!

Keeping Enoch away from the breakables at Great Grandma Johnson's house.

Setting up for another family photo.

Goodbye Wenatchee.
We had a very fun visit and are very grateful for the hard work and planning that went into this get together. It was so great to see everyone and have them meet Enoch and Lindsay.

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