Monday, October 11, 2010

Tupperware Cabinet

Enoch just realized that he can sit inside the tupperware cabinet-- "his cabinet."

By the end, Enoch was throwing stuff out of the cabinet to make more room for him. I was glad he was having fun. After I finished taking these pictures, Enoch started to wrap up his play time. I turned around and saw him putting the stuff he'd thrown out previously--BACK IN THE CABINET!! He melted my heart!!! I was so hopeful for the future--a tidy child!!

In preparation of nursery at church when he turns 18 months, we started teaching Enoch the "clean up" song. There's not much to it:
         Clean Up, Clean Up --everybody everywhere
         Clean Up, Clean Up-- everybody do your share
         Clean Up, Clean Up-- everybody everywhere
(The end--or repeat until mess is resolved.)

Enoch seems to like the song, but at the end, he dumps everything out--and leaves. Its a trick to try and swipe the toys up and away before he thinks to make a mess again. Really--its the wood blocks that I must keep track of--and keep together while he's playing. There really easy to step on...and Enoch likes to throw them.

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