Monday, May 30, 2011

10 Things About Enoch

1. Loves the movie Cars. Loves to point out all car, trucks, and buses. AND... says, "Go, go, go, go!" when we get in our car. (Like in the movie when the cars are racing.)

2. We have annoying ants that have some nest under our whole apartment (here when we moved in and are here all but winter)---and must have a tunnel system under the carpet. Enoch has learned to announce every time he sees them, and says, "Uckie!" or "Ahnz." He will kill them if we don't get to them fast enough. 

3. Enoch knows his body parts. (Head, hair, belly-button, eyes, teeth, lips, tongue, ears...etc)

4. Enoch really wants me to let him crack more eggs. I let him do 1 or 2--but it so much work to pick out the egg shells....and wash his, he cries when I won't let him now. 
5. The layers of pillows on our bed are Enoch's favorite place to hang out. He will sit on one, put on behind his back, then let 2 sit on his lap....and then we pretend we can't see him...until he yells, "BOO!" Adorable.

6. Rocks. The collecting and throwing of rocks, are Enoch's favorite hobby! We have a pile of rocks he's collected outside near our patio. He also likes to find LARGE rocks, pull them out of the earth, and then throw them in a short stubby ground bush--where we'll never see them again. 

7. "Run! Run! Run!"--- is a common phrase at our house which means, I'm going to chase you, get going. 

 8. Naked Baby makes an appearance throughout the house after his bath. We ALWAYS have to chase him. Always. He's annoyed when we make him put on clothes....but he doesn't know how to get them off himself yet.

9. Reading is become a more enjoyed activity....well looking at books. He doesn't have the patience to listen to us read anything yet. He likes finding things in books...such as doors, windows, and puppies.
10. Phones are a fun thing for him and he likes to talk. Lucky for him, in this technology time we have entered--he gets to see at least a picture of mom or dad when we're on the phone (on speaker) or gets to Skype with family. He even likes playing with his toy phone if we're around and being silly. When we pretend to laugh on the play-phone, so will he.

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Alicia said...

Those are really cute things you've written about Enoch. Don't be alarmed I'm up so early in the morning reading blogs. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and too uncomfortable to sleep! Enoch is growing up so fast! I like that he likes to collect the rocks. He's a cute kid!