Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sports Bras (G-rated)

I don't mean to start out sounding scandalous by titling my post "Sports Bras", but I really do want to talk about 2 of my 3 sports bras. Not a review or interest in other
Young Lindsay on her Honeymoon (2006)
people's reviews, rather how I acquired them because its so unusual.

Acquisition History of 2 sports bras:

      When I got married to my husband, it was his 2nd marriage (and last folks). He had been married to another woman, and it didn't work out. This was cool for me because I got a man who really appreciated me....and the stuff that prior-married people seem to have-- like a dinning room table and cutting boards. So, one day about a month after we had gotten married and moved into our first apartment, we were unpacking a box of his "old-stuff". Inside it there were random things from his mission in Japan, pens, and photos...but there were two things that caught my attention-- brand new- tags on- sports bras. One grey and one white. I probably smiled and rolled my eyes before I said, "Who are these?" Shaun, my husband, didn't blush the way I had hoped but picked them up and threw them towards the trash. 

Lindsay Now... & Shaun n' Max (2014)
I asked why he had them-- obviously his ex wife's bras. He explained that his ex had purchased them, then decided she didn't want them at the end of their marriage. When he was moving out, she told him to return them (to Walmart) and ... he didn't want to. She threw them in his box and somehow they ended up in my newlywed palace. Young Lindsay (me) thought, "I need a new sports bra...I'm poor... and I wonder if these will fit." So, I shrugged my shoulders and tried them on, knowing how odd I felt being in a garment that Shaun's ex wife had likely worn in a dressing room. Perfect far as a general sports bra fit can be. I ripped off the tags and decided to acquire these until one day when I would be rich. Guess what.... I've never gotten rich. I still wear these sports bras, especially now, since I've been working out 6 days a week since the beginning of summer. 

I've waited for the perfect set up at a party game to sneak this tid-bit about myself into over the years, but it's never been the right time. I'm not a big bra-talker. With this online story, I have let out a story I don't think I've told anyone, first because of embarrassment, then because I didn't work out much and forgot, then because couldn't tell you at a party. Lucky you to hear the news now! The merging of stuff at the beginning of a marriage can take curious turns-- deciding what to keep and what to throw out. This was my weird choice in the merge.


Alicia said...

Yay for free stuff!!! That is hilarious. I think Shaun is entitled NOT to return his ex-wife's bras to Wal-mart. I mean, if YOU need something returned, then that is another thing. But I think the "return my stuff" policy ENDS when the marriage ends, don't you? And bras are a pain to shop for, even sports bras so I see it as a win. I am still poor also but I am poor and happy with the right person. I love your honeymoon photo and your current photo. Very cute of you in both.

Chrissy said...

This is a great bra story.