Monday, September 8, 2014

Family Photos 2014

The dreamy photographer, Mrs. Courtney Price, has done it AGAIN! (You can read about the prior time HERE and HERE.) She captured our family in digital form on a visit to Lynden on August 16, 2014 and I was so happy with how they turned out! It reminds me of how important it is to get GOOD family photos done. We really didn't have any photos of Max (our almost 2 year old) up on the wall, especially none with all of us in the same photo.

I wanted to share some of the results that now grace our walls. Enjoy!
This is our one of the BIG WINNERS--we hung at our house.

Lovely walk up the field's man-made road. Max kept saying we were going up the mountain. (a small hill in the distance) Also, regarding this picture, Max stopped wanting to hold hands and really wanted to walk independently...hence the focus of the picture.

One where we're all holding hands.... it's like heaven. Right?!

I like how this picture reminds me of the adventure our family takes...out alone together each day...rather happily.

Enoch suggested he'd sit up on this wheel (of a boat trailer?). He was quite the poser at age 5.

Enoch loves to be silly, even for Courtney.

Max has great thoughts, I'm sure. He just looks for wonderful. That's my hand on his hip holding him he wanted to get on the boat trailer tire for a picture, just like his brother.

Max could NOT stay still... and was difficult to get a smile from for the first 45 minutes. Here he quickly starts to leave formation to check out the river.

Max finds stuff to throw in the river...

And gets closer for the big throw.

So cool to watch the stuff you hurled over the end hit more stuff and then the water.

The boys all join in the classic game of "Throw Everything Into the River".

Daddy and precious!

Max proclaiming, "I did it!!!" (After throwing stuff in the river of course.)

Natural and perfect Enoch in life moment.

Enoch trying to hard to pose...but its still so cute... and I love the photo framing Courtney did-- getting the river in the shot.

Oh look, Enoch "DID IT" too!

This lone shot of Enoch reminds us he'll grow up someday...we love it and cringe at it's foretelling meaning when we look at it.
Another family shot...and Max is at least LOOKING at the camera.

When holding hands becomes a "tug-a-war" game.

Off again to throw stuff...

Courtney came up with the  brilliant idea to sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Hot Dog" song to get Max to smile. We ran back and forth with them...moving their arms and they smiled...finally!

I don't know...just an in-between moment.

Family togetherness...a wonderful thing.

"Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity-dog!....."

"...It's a brand new day, what ya waiting for....?!"

"...Get up, sit down (??), get on the floooooooorr.....!"

Gotta love my hair... 'cause I do!

We love the sincerity of these smiles!

Run back to the barn....

Cute boy!

Hey, look I'm holding my husband's hand!

The boys' bliss is captured as they run through the field looking for dandelions.

Captured movement by one of my favorite kids.

Max found one...or so he proclaimed!

WE LOVE this too... Max is having a moment with the camera...which he now loves.

In between eating grass and pulling clover...

So happy...looking at mommy.

Totally enjoying the moist grass and the attention of the camera.

A final family shot to wrap up a great session with Courtney!

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