Thursday, May 7, 2009

BOGA = Good Times

Have I ever mentioned that I love my health care provider, Bellingham OB GYN and Associates. Well, I do....or should I say I due! Today I went to a regular check up at the doctor's due to my impending baby birth arrangements. I have the lovely Dr. Amy Tu, whom Tom (my boss and friend) from work informed me is a great snowboarder. She is a savvy Dr. who I'm grateful for her calm nature and young interests (hobbies I mean). She's easy to relate to and chat with.
They have a great staff at BOGA ...and today I was also lucky enough to get, as her name tag states, "Kim, RN." She's hillarious!!! Shaun and I hit it off with her early on when she was so willing to make me feel like a funny person by laughing and my jokes. I gave Kim my blog address, so, if you're reading this...congratulations on using the computer. (She said she was a little computer illiterate--which I doubt very much.) And did I mention, after my appointment I spoke with her before I left when I saw her cleaning something in the side nurse room. It was the metal thing that is used in a PAP smear to hold open the female parts to get to the more inner parts (i.e. cervix). I am grateful that someone does this and that I never heard her complain. She assured me it wasn't a big deal...and well I'll stop there.
Also, while at BOGA today, I spoke with Lillia, Ruth, and Angela and a nurse (I can't recall her name) at the front desk about how to become a cloud. This came up when I asked if I'd be required to get on the ground and do tumbling excercises at the birthing class I'm taking there on the 23rd. They said no---and I told them I was well aware of breathing techniques from by 10 years studying theatre. In my freshman year in college, one of our class assignments was to become a cloud.I explained that although it was an interesting exercise, there was a part of me that couldn't fully commit to the cloud, but I'd totally practiced my breathing and enjoyed that part of warm ups fully. Ya know--I really had fun today. I hope they didn't mind my rambling on.
For those of you who don't know--my pregnancy has been going perfectly. I passed my Glucose Test with flying colors and my Iron levels were fantastic. I have wonderful blood pressure and I haven't had any problems physically. I even haven't suffered through many of the symptoms many other expectant moms do. I feel very blessed and delighted with this. Thanks for checking in with Shaun and I. Have a great weekend! (My dad is coming!!! Hooray!)


The Bingham Four said...

i like dr. Tu. She delivered Emily.. I was so happy that my doctor at the time wasn't able to deliver her (i ended up hating my doctor)! She's great!

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