Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Weekend Events

Last weekend Shaun and I went to our 2.5 hour crash course in childbirth and then on a tour of the hospital---which actually took 2 whole hours! I really didn't think it would take that long. It was more than a tour---it was like another mini crash course in having a baby at the hospital. (Have you seen how funny the hospital sign is? --Well, Shaun and I think it's funny to have "shipping and receiving" next to the "childbirth center."So, by the end of the day, the having the baby felt much more real and we were excited enough to try putting the car seat in the car. We haven't got it in correctly yet since it lifts up in the front--but we got tired and quit trying. We'll get to it later--before the baby is born.

On Monday, we drove up and over to Birch Bay, WA--and enjoyed looking at the ocean from a picnic bench. Shaun and I tried to capture the moment. We've had such beautiful weather in Bellingham that I actually find myself trying to "play it cool"--so that the sun doesn't run away by getting too much attention.

We are ubber excited for "B" Day!

Oh, and Shaun is now finished working with Joes---as the Mt. Vernon Store has been completely liquidated.

Oddly, they handed Shaun COBRA paperwork when he left. Apparently, we HAVE had insurance since January and has been taking money out of Shaun's paychecks...but Joes never sent Shaun's name over to the Health Insurance--so, while they have NO record of us...Corporate has now been called by Shaun--and maybe we can get our baby medical bills paid--as well as our lab work bills--which we've been paying for out of pocket the whole time we've been pregnant. AND---maybe COBRA won't disappear too quickly--since the company will be bankrupt and the policy will be cancelled. Maybe all the court stuff needs to be finished before the Insurance Policy is cancelled.

Anyway, this is a lovely blessing.


The SaSSeR's said...

I can;t believe that you are having a baby!! that is SO exciting!! and yes having insurance is an amazing thing. I got really sick in nov and we had insurance but not very good policy be we got stuck with a HUGE bill, that we will be paying off for a while!!

The Bergant Family said...

Oh, we're so excited for you! It's so fun to picture where you're having the baby. I loved the sign too. Funny, funny.

Youngbergs said...

That's great news about the insurance! Hope everything works out!

Alicia said...

Wow. That's great, I hope the insurance kicks in! Hilarious comment about the hospital sign, btw. I really enjoyed that.