Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shrimpin' like Bubba

There's nothing quite like waking up at the Booth's Cabin on Whidbey Island to see the sunrise. It was gorgeous! That's what Shaun and I did last weekend. The purpose was to enjoy catching shrimp in the sound. Shaun was the one working on the Booth Boat--since I'm pregnant. The fish from the sound are so good! There big too. Oh, and incase you were wondering, our shrimp were caught in shrimp pots with cat food as bait.

Amongst us were other Booth friends, including Val, Kirk, the Burleys, Ria, and Tim Mumford. It was great company! Maren, Ria, Val, and I spent some time in Langley at a thrift store. I took pictures of weird things I saw at the thrift store to bring back to the cabin dwellers. Enjoy some of the finds.
(This bin was in the pet section.)(Salt and Pepper shakers--that were in a special glass case. Valuable?)
(And no, the flash was off. His eyes are ALWAYS this color.)

Also, we stopped by Star Store and I took some pictures of some baby one-sie sayings...and a few other things.

We (Shaun and I) came back Saturday night to ensure we got a good nights sleep. Both of us woke up with injuries on Sunday--Shaun had a really sore/stiff back, I had a itchy finger (from wasp sting on Friday night) and a sore knee from slipping on the cabin's deck stairs. We skipped church to heal and take a nap. Overall, it was a busy and good weekend.

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Maren O_o said...

Sorry about your injuries... I guess that's the risk of the cabin :)

love Maren :)