Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My FIRST Aquarium Visit...EVER!

Shaun and I went to the temple 2 weekends ago and had a WONDERFUL experience. After our traditional Indian Buffet, we decided to head over to Seattle to visit the aquarium. I've never been to one of these before. It was neat, although, I had a couple observations that I'd like to point out. One, I thought it would be A LOT bigger. Two, I didn't much care for all the tiny children crawling around my ankles. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'll have a kiddo soon too, but these kids were in a massive cluster....and at lunch time they had Dorrito-fingers. Who gives their kid Dorritos at an aquarium where they'll be touching things all day?

Anyway, I'm super happy for these children who got to see an aquarium a such a young age. Although, I must say I had a sight advantage because I could see into ALL the displays without standing on a stool.
(Jelly Fish)

Hey, I also got to touch a sea cucumber and other things I can not name. I must admit, I was not taking the opportunity to LEARN about fish and sea mammals. I just looked at everything. Oh, and tried to get away from the mother with her kid who seemed to follow us while she baby-talked to her son. "Oooooh, what's that? Is that a fish? Yes, that's moving...!! Ohh, look, another fish...and what color is it? Ooooo, look at that Crustation!" (Meanwhile Shaun is whispering to me, "That is not a Crustation, it's a Cephalopod.")

Yeah, so I think I got the aquarium experience. I'm impressed with the amount of things that the ocean supports.

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Maren O_o said...

i LOVE the aquarium but also am always surprised at how small it is. I guess they think that living on the ocean we should all know whats in there.

maren :)