Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day is Fun and.... Delicious!

Believe it or not, I have a baby boy growing inside me! So, Sunday was my first official Mother's Day and I enjoyed the new perspective of this holiday...and the warm wishes from my family and friends.

On Saturday evening, my father and his wife Yuko came up to visit! They brought me some beautiful flowers---lilies--that I can smell right now. (I love pretty smelling flowers!) Then they took us out for dinner at Flats Tapas Bar in Fairhaven. Shaun and I took a picture while we were in the car before dinner. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of Yuko and my dad.) The Tapas Bar has fantastic Spanish tapas--with many ingredients imported from Spain--including delicious olives. The scallops with a garlic-aoli and hazelnut pesto on a bed of cannelloni beans were one of my favorites of the evening.

My dad and Yuko stayed at the Hampton down the street--so, in the morning they dropped by before we (Shaun and I) headed off to church. Shaun made me breakfast--and they had our extras (because they previously ate at the hotel--but somehow were still a little hungry). It was awesome seeing them. Finally, they could see me actually looking pregnant! Take a look at a picture I took on Thursday (at 31 weeks). On Sunday, I became 32 weeks--and eight months along (out of 10)!
Then today, when I came home from work at lunch, I found a few gifts laid out on the kitchen counter from Shaun (for mother's day). They included chocolates, "Meet the Robinsons" (the movie), and "Baby Mama" (the movie we watched before I brought up that I thought it was time to have a baby). Shaun wasn't home, so--I recorded myself opening them. (Sorry, you don't get to see this's just for Shaun.)

Oh and FYI: According to Joe's, Shaun has about 2 more weeks of work...and then he'll be out of a job due to the finale of the Bankruptcy liquidation.

'Till next time!


Irene M. said...

Really? You got to eat Tapas? Hum... I think that the best tapas I've ever tried are here in Almería. I'm glad you found a restaurant with food from Spain!!!! And... you look really pregnant!!!!WOW!!!

Youngbergs said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

kaitlyn said...

happy mother's day!

can i confess something embarassing? i actually saw baby mama in the theater... and i laughed a lot!

you are almost there!!!!! it will fly! (unless you go over. and then time really crawls)

Alicia said...

Love Baby Mama. Hilarious. You look so great in your pictures! I especially like the one of you and Shaun because your hair looks really cute!